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David Oliver ‘Ghosts on the Ocean’ 2011 Photo-Shoot

In Music on July 19, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Hi, one of my passions is music, from Rock, Blues, classical you name it i love it, so when a good friend of mine David Oliver asked if i would like to shoot the cover for his new album i jumped at the chance. Davie gave me a untitled demo of the album, a breakaway from his blues based music that his lovely wife Cat and the RedJam outfit usually do ( brilliantly). This was something altogether different, traditional irish, scots origin mountain music from the southern states, lively foot tapping stuff and ballads that sing to the soul a fusion of music that had our household all listening to it from pop tastic 14 year boy a 17 year old MM addict the missus who skipped around the house to the great tunes and myself who nearly burnt out the cambridge sounds works deck. Folks if you haven’t heard this get it http://www.redjam.us/discography.html will take you to the site.

Anyway after a good 2 weeks listening to the sounds and a few phone calls only one place would do for the shoot, Co Donegal. Normally a shoot like this would take photographer, assistant, make up hair etc, we decided this would be a raw look so a few cameras and lenses in the bag, a few flash heads just in case and off we went one sunday morning.

Now what made this work so well was the craic, David is a fun guy to be with and the laughs came thick and fast, here a few images from the day some we used and some we didn’t. David’s brother James done a great job on the album design super job. http://www.designboy.tv/

here are a few images from the day..

on the tracks..





luke kelly eat your heart out..

king of portnoo..




David or Dylan…


thinking of ghosts…

on the road again..

and finally a shot from the Farmers..

ok thats it until the next time folks back to proper work now, five albums to build..break time over for today.



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